CP Slippers for the Ladies

Your CP Slippers are hand-crafted by our family of craftsmen in our factory in Spain since the beginning of the 1980s. To make your slippers, we use the best hand-picked Napa leather, the 24-carat quality of fine leathers. To ensure your slippers are hand made from preferred quality leather, our craftsmen look at yards upon yards of premiere leathers to select unparalleled leather that is smooth and soft. This also guarantees durability and comfort that will last. Your slippers have a sleek, soft interior for your tired feet. Additionally, the method we use to craft your slippers insures a natural gait, sure footing, and comfort while you are relaxing at home. You will not find a more comfortable slipper at any price.

Ladies, we understand the need to kick off those heels as soon as you come in the door from your hectic day at work, school, or play. Let our lustrous leather slippers naturally massage your feet, while your feet have the opportunity to breath in these cozy slippers. While you on the way to your shower or bath, the gentle massage of the top shelf leather offers your feet an embrace of supple unyielding quality.

The fine-grained Napa leather of these house shoes are polished to a glossy, exquisite sheen. You will barely know you are wearing them. Most store-bought house slippers add stuffing and other decorations that just add to the price of your slippers and not the comfort your feet so deserve. What’s more the soles are normally made from fabrics that are not natural and can change position or shift, which also shifts your posture.

When you go on vacation and stay at a hotel, it is not wise to wear the slippers they provide if they provide any at all. Who knows what bacteria has gathered in those? Just slip a pair of your premiere leather slippers into your handbag or luggage. These slippers are featherweight and will not add much to your weight limit. But, you can relax in comfort knowing only your feet have shared silky shoes.

Ladies Product Pages

Ordering is easy. Simply go to the product page and make a choice of pink, blue, or natural, and then select your size from small to extra-large. We ship to many countries at a reasonable price without adding handling charges. You can even get a pair shipped to a friend, man or woman. So ladies, go to this product page and choose yours and get a pair for a friend.