CP Slippers home shoes for men and women

The Luxurious Beauty of Simplicity in Design

The CP Slippers range of natural leather slippers, handcrafted from the finest original leather, is the perfect accompaniment to a dressing gown and a day lazing around the house. The soft leather Nappa upper and leather sole provide the comfort your feet will thank you.

Comfortable and lightweight our one-piece minimalist leather slippers are great for protecting your feet indoors.

Our online leather slippers collection is varied and has many comfortable sizes. We have the perfect leather slippers regardless of your favorite color, style, or material.

Since the process and hands-on artisanship is ingrained in our DNA, we will continue to offer slippers made the way we've always done it.

CP Slippers story; how it all started

How it all started

I still remember the first time my grandfather gave me a pair of CP Slippers; that feeling of my little foot sliding into those slippers and the marvelous feeling of direct contact with the smooth leather, the comfort was comparable to walking around the house barefoot. That first feeling marked me forever.
Years later, after training as a craftsman in leather working, CP Slippers was founded to share the passion I had kept so fondly from childhood.

Minimalist Leather Slippers

What sets our slippers home shoes apart?

Discover how our minimalist comfort takes you to the ultimate barefoot walking experience.

  • Lin Câblé Waxed Thread

    01. Best Lin Câblé Waxed Thread

    Our slippers are sewn with Lin Câblé, the best linen thread for leather work worldwide. 

  • Top-grain Nubuck Leather

    02. Top-grain Nubuck Leather

    Nubuck is top-grain cattle hide leather sanded or buffed on the grain side to produce a velvet-like surface.

  • Buffed Flesh Side

    03. Buffed Flesh Side

    Process of buffing/sanding down the flesh side (opposite to the grain side) to smooth the leather.

  • Hot Stamped Brand Badge

    04. Hot Stamped Brand Badge

    The elegant accent of the hot-stamped brand logo adds a singular sophistication and distinctive design.

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Bron leather CP Slippers at home
CP Slippers home shoes for men and women
Minimalist Leather Home Shoes for Men and Women

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• Nobuck leather

 Linen thread


• 100% recycled cardboard


Leather from Barcelona (Spain)


Pair box: 47 x 17 x 7 cm