Tips to remember when choosing slippers

Tips to remember when choosing slippers

Slippers are a very important shoe for our daily life. After a long day at work, often wearing uncomfortable shoes that don’t let the feet breathe, we arrive home, leave the work shoes out, and change into slippers. A key moment for our feet because now they can rest, breathe and recover so that they will be at their best the next day and ready for another hard-working activity.

Slippers are very important, and they are true. They are much more than the comfortable shoes we wear at home. It’s very much connected with health, so when choosing a good pair of slippers, it’s not and should not be something we do without really paying attention. So that’s why we think it’s convenient to give some tips to remember when to buy a pair of slippers arrive.

Most important tips

The size

Sometimes we look for a pair of slippers of the same size as our usual shoe size, but we have to try them and check if the feet have enough space, never too tight or forcing them into an uncomfortable and even painful position. That’s why sometimes it might be a good idea to buy a larger size than your average shoe size.


One can find many materials on the market nowadays. We must look at which materials are good for the feet, help them to recover, and are most comfortable in many aspects. Often people go for softer material slippers, but remember, it has to feel soft and comfortable for the feet, but they have to be strong enough not to break easily.


Very much connected to the materials, as we said, you want something that will last for a long time and that you can carry with you if you go on a trip. Handmade slippers last longer in most cases.

The floor of the house

The harder the floor of your house is, the thicker the sole of the slippers should be, while for the ones whose houses have many carpets, the sole it’s not such a priority.

After considering these basic tips, more questions might arise in your head. Of course, one can think of other issues like the price, the colour or the design among others, but the most important thing, in the end, is to try them, and see how you feel using them, and how your feet feel after, if they have a feeling of recovery or not. That’s why sometimes the price is not so important; the most important thing is the comfort of your feet.

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