Our Mens Leather CP Slippers

Our CP Slippers have been hand-crafted in our little family factory in Spain since 1981. We use only the finest materials of hand chosen natural Napa leathers. Our family of craftsmen select the leathers we will use by careful eyes on inspection to ensure comfort and durability. Our leather slippers men have a soft, smooth interior that your feet will naturally love. For sure footing and a comfortable natural gait while you move about the house, you cannot get a better men slippers at any price.

Nothing says comfort better than a comfortable leather slipper to slide your feet into after a long day running around outside. These comfortable and lightweight men's slippers are the natural selection for tired feet. On your way to the bath or shower after a full day at work, school, or at play your feet will breath naturally and feel right at home in these natural leather men’s slippers.

These natural grain Napa leather slippers are so soft; you will hardly know you have them on. Your feet will think of them as a second skin. Many store-bought slippers have added stuffing and other frills that just make your feet sweat, or a sole that shifts one way or the other after only a few week’s wear. This is not good for your posture and defeats the comfort of wearing a pair of slippers. Your feet and your gait while walking around the house should not be encumbered by added frills, all your feet need is the comfort of rich, smooth leather.

Suppose you are going on vacation and plan to stay in a hotel. Do you want to put your feet in whatever slipper they provide in the room, if any? These lightweight slippers can be stowed in your bag and barely add any weight at all. Many men just slip their slippers into their laptop bag or backpack for added protection against infections from dirty floors at hotels.

Men's Leather Slippers Product Pages

Therefore, go to our product page and choose one of the colors, black, blue, brown, tan, natural or pink, and then choose your size. We carry house mens leather slippers in sizes from extra- large down to small. So, just go to the product page and choose yours, or get one of each.

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