Leather, the Best Material for Slippers

Leather, the Best Material for Slippers

Material for Slippers

CP Slippers is famous for its real leather handmade slippers, but more materials can be used for making slippers. Do you know which ones are? If you like to discover that, keep reading.

Leather is one of them. Leather slippers are usually thinner, in a way to compensate for the fact that leather can be a thick and heavy material. These kinds of slippers are usually great for keeping the feet with enough air and always fresh.

Many slippers on the market are made of soft materials in many cases, especially the inside part, in an attempt to protect the feet, but sometimes they can make them too warm and sweaty, which is not a great feeling for the wearer.

Some slippers are made with terry cloth, a similar and, in some cases, the same material as towels. Leather slippers are good because they keep the feet with enough air, are neither too cool nor too warm, and are easy to dry.

Even if it sounds a bit surprising to many, Velvet is sometimes used as a material for slippers, mostly the inside part of them. It’s a soft material that is very pleasant when in contact with the skin, but it can be too warm, so it should be exclusively reserved for winter months.

Cotton and suede are other more common materials used for making slippers. They are both good materials, but one should avoid going outside with them and making them wet, especially with suede, as it can be very damaging.

And last but not least, wool. It’s a very common material for the inside part of the slippers. One can find many slippers on the market with wool. They are great for winter months and those who tend to have cold feet, but they should be only used for winter, as they tend not to let the feet breathe too much and make them sweat.


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