Why You Should Wear Slippers in the House

Why You Should Wear Slippers in the House

Why You Should Wear Slippers in the House

For those of us that have traveled to Asia or have visited an Asian’s home in Europe or the US, know that the Asians remove their shoes at the door and do not allow outside dirt inside. This is both healthy and practical, as most Asians sit on the floor. No matter what the weather is like outside or whether they wear slippers, socks, or just go barefoot they are always clean and cozy inside. The custom of taking off your shoes at the door, before entering the home, is a tradition still practiced around the world in the Asian homes, both modern and traditional.

How Has the Tradition of House Slippers Evolved?

Old traditional Japanese homes and some other Asian’s homes were raised up two feet or more from the ground. This allowed for ventilation, kept the family off the cold, damp ground, and in the ancient times before modern heating systems allowed space for the Asians to heat their floors with wood or charcoal.

In Korea, the floors were, and some still are heated with charcoal heaters, though most have been replaced with hot water pipes running under the floors that supply radiant heat. Wearing shoes inside rather than slippers or socks, you would not realize the benefit of the warmth on your feet. And, the Chinese have advocated the benefits of warm floors and foot reflexology for more than 5000 years.

Now, it seems that people all over the world prefer to wear a comfortable pair of slippers at home, whether they take their shoes off at the door or in their favorite recliner in front of the TV.

Why you should wear slippers in the house

Premium Price versus Real Comfort

Regardless of the expense or material used, most will still charge you a premium price for a pair of slippers that will not give you half the comfort of a pair of hand-crafted leather slippers from CP Slippers in Spain and even with shipping these slippers are quite inexpensive compared to those high-design slippers that are not nearly as comfortable.

If it is not a tradition in your home to take off your shoes and slide your feet into a comfortable pair of leather slippers, start a new tradition. Grab a pair of these cool blue slippers for yourself and another pair for your loved one; in fact, grab a pair for everyone in the family and another pair or two for your guests. Use their handy size guide to decide which sizes to buy.

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