Can you have allergy to a fabric?

Can you have allergy to a fabric?

When speaking about allergies, the first ones that come to mind are allergies to some types of food or products like dairy or seafood, two of the most frequent ones. Other allergies like to pollen or some flowers are also somewhat common and we most likely know somebody who has some allergy, maybe even yourself.

But then one question comes to mind. Can you have an allergy to a fabric?

Many people have stated to be allergic to wool, which is the material that most people seems to have some problems with. But one has to know that been allergic to wool is quite rare, although it could happen.

What really happens often, the most common fabric related allergy is to formaldehyde resins. This is used to make fabrics waterproof, more resistant and more elastic and they are also used in elastics.

It can happen that you develop an allergy to this, so the advice would be not only visiting the doctor to make sure the allergy or skin reaction is caused by this, but also looking for other types of clothes that don’t have formaldehyde in their composition.

If you have that problem, looking for organic materials, or the purest form of them is the best solution. Pure cotton, nylon, polyester or acrylic can be really helpful for you because they don’t have any formaldehyde resins, so you can make sure that an allergic reaction will not happen.

Also, today is quite easy to find organic or pure cotton clothes amongst others since more and more brands are using them, and for those who don’t want to spend lots of money, brands like H&M and C&A use organic cotton in some of their lines, so you can easily find very nice organic clothes.

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