How Exercising Helps You Sleep Better

How Exercising Helps You Sleep Better

How Exercising Helps You Sleep Better

Have you noticed that on the days you indulge in an intense physical activity, such as playing a game of football, or swimming for an hour in the pool, you feel happy, relaxed and sleep better at night? Exercise can do that to you.

There are many studies that show that exercise helps improve the quality of your sleep. Making exercise a regular part of your life will make you healthier, happier and give you more restful sleep. It can even heal conditions such as insomnia.

How does exercising help you sleep better?

When you indulge in an intense physical activity, that helps you sleep better and for longer, and improves the quality of your sleep. It takes away some of the stress you feel and resets the sleep-wake cycle by raising your body temperature up by few notches.

Then, as you relax after the workout, the body temperature drops and induces a bout of sleepiness a few hours later. To make the most of the benefits of exercise for the sleep-wake cycle, you should participate in sports such as football or hockey that are played outside in the sun, or go on an early morning run or walk, to get as much of the natural sunlight as possible.

Here’s what exercise does for you…

Here’s what exercise does for you…

Improves sleep quality – Physical exercise helps you sleep much better. It gives you the deep restful sleep you’re looking for. The more you exercise, the deeper is the sleep that you’re going to get. Getting a good night of sleep on a regular basis helps restores your health. It boosts your immunity, improves the functioning of the heart and reduces some of the stress and anxiety that you might be feeling.

Helps increase the duration of sleep – It is absolutely essential that you should sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours. That should give your body enough time to recover from the exertions of the day.

When you’re physically active, you will use up more energy and feel tired at the end of the way, enough to make sure that you will get the good, quality sleep that you want.

When you’ve exerted yourself physically throughout the day, you will not feel restless in bed as you sleep at night. You will get the deep, relaxing sleep that rejuvenates you when you wake up, full of enthusiasm for the rest of the day.

Helps relieve some of the stress and anxiety you feel – Stress is the leading cause of sleeplessness. When you’re stressed out because of whatever has happened at work or because of an argument you’ve had with your partner, you’ll find yourself tossing and turning in bed as you try to sleep.

You need a way to de-stress. That is why you need to exercise. Exercise is one of the best stress busters out there. It is the perfect remedy for psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression and makes you feel much better about yourself.

An exercise routine that includes cardio workouts, Yoga and stretching improves the functioning of the heart, helps you breath better and keeps your blood pressure under control. That’s why, to sleep better, you should make it a habit of exercising regularly.


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