Buying Children’s Slippers

Buying Children’s Slippers

Buying Children’s Slippers

Slippers Are Important Footwear for Children Everyday

We are often up and out of the house before the children are awake. Some may spend the entire day in slippers, and with CP Slippers, that’s OK. Some other wooly or polyester slippers won’t provide their feet the protection that a pair of natural leather slippers will. Plus, CP Slippers are comfortable and lightweight, so your child feels at home in their slippers.

Wool Slippers

Although wool slippers will keep your child’s feet warm in the winter months, once they are inside, their feet will start to sweat, leading to a buildup of bacteria between the toes, allowing the fungus to grow. That fungus (onychomycosis) will lead to an infection known commonly as athlete’s foot or medically as tinea pedis. Fungus grows rapidly on sweaty feet, particularly between the toes. You do not want your child to get fungus because the fungus will cause the toenails to weaken and become brittle.

Leather’s Natural Grip

Your child needs to have solid footing on tiled and marble floors. Most large daycare centers have tile or marble floors, which can be dangerous for children while running and playing. The rough leather outers of CP Slippers provide a natural anti-slip sole, while the smooth side of the leather is next to your child’s skin, so they are comfortable to wear.

Leave Room to Grow

It’s important to buy your child’s slipper one cm too big because as their feet grow, their feet will have room to move and breathe as they run and play. And one cm is enough because the leather will stretch a little as the child wears them. Stretching will allow your child to keep their slippers for a long time even as their feet grow, and it will not detract from the child’s natural gait because there are no soles or heels to turn your child’s feet in a direction that is not natural for them.

Slippers Are Important Footwear for Children Everyday

No Laces, No Velcro

What’s great about CP Slippers is that you don’t have to worry about tying laces or strapping Velcro across your child’s feet early in the morning on those late nights after work when your child is already sleeping from the ride home. CP Slippers are form-fitting and comfortable for your child to wear. And, what’s more, they come in lots of bright, beautiful colors that your children will love.

Look at our new line of children’s slippers for your child and choose, or let them choose their favorite color.

Your Child’s Slipper Size

Children’s slippers or shoes come in many different sizes depending on where they were made. The best system is to measure your child’s foot and add one cm or use our size chart.

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