Leather Quality Guide

4 Basic Types of Leather, An Overview Guide to Leather Qualities

4 Basic Leather Qualities An Overview Guide to Leather Grades

An Overview Guide to Leather Grades; Types of Leather.

Leather is a material loved by many for its flexibility and durability. It is made from tanning animal skins or hides and many different animals are used to make leather. Leather has four basic grains or qualities; those are full-grain leather, top-grain leather, genuine leather, and corrected-grain leather.

Full-Grain Leather Is the Best Quality

Full-grain leather is characterized by its luxurious, smooth surface and it has few, if any, flaws. It is the most popular type of leather. It has not been snuffed, sanded, or buffed to remove any natural marks or imperfections from its surface. Its fibers are stable and durable because the grain has not been removed. There is less moisture in the leather from any prolonged contact as the grain has a characteristic of breathing. This type of leather does not wear out easily. Instead, it develops a patina, which is a thin layer that protects the leather from damage from wearing or corroding; it also gives the leather an aesthetic look. It is used in making high-quality footwear and furniture.

It has two finished product types; Aniline and semi-aniline. Aniline leather is the most desirable finish in the manufacture of leather. It is exclusively dyed using soluble dyes without covering the top with insoluble pigment or topcoat paint. Semi-aniline has a thin protective coat, which protects it from staining and wearing out.

Top-Grain Leather Is the Most Common

Top-grain leather has the second-highest leather quality of the high-end category of leather products. It is more pliable and thinner as its layer is separated away. Its surface is sanded, and a finish coat is added to make it less breathable with a plastic feel and this makes it seem cooler. Also, it develops pinna that protects it from damage and corrosion making it last longer. It has better stain resistance and is less expensive than full-grain leather. Many people prefer buying this type of leather as it is durable and readily available.

4 Basic Leather Qualities

Genuine Leather Is Not a Statement about its Authenticity

Genuine leather is made from real lather. In a class of real leather products, genuine leather products are the lowest in quality. These products are made from the leftover of leather after the high-end products are made. The products manufactured from it do not look or feel as pleasing compared to those made from high-quality leather. Likewise, products made from genuine leather do not last as long before they wear out. However, most people can afford this type of leather product as they are widely available.

Corrected-Grain Leather Has Corrected Imperfections

Corrected-grain leather is also referred to as the lesser-known grain. It is a special type of leather, which is corrected and fixed by experienced leatherworkers to better its functionality and aesthetic qualities. Hides used in making it do not meet the required standards in making aniline and vegetable-tanned leather. An artificial grain has been embossed on the top and dressed-out using dyes and/or stains. Imperfections are usually sanded off and then corrected. Corrected-grain is used to make pigmented leather. This type of leather is usually readily available in the stores and is more affordable.

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Thanks so much for the detailed explanation of the different types of leather. I am new in the leather industry and will like if you can attach a picture with the different types leathers. Thanks

Esther Okewole

I’m looking for a snow white, not off white, full grain or top grain modern sectional. I live in Columbus, Ohio. None in this cowtown. Any suggestions.

Tonya Lassiter

Excellent Products


I live in UK and throughout the 80s worked for British Shoe Corporation that was absorbed by Sears Group.

Our stores sold mens, womens and childrens’ shoes from own brand coated pulverised leather waste, extruded and flattened into sheets all the way through to mens Loakes or Grensons, womens court shoes for weddings UK and Italian brands ….. understanding leather quality and nature, from Full Grain Hiking Boots to Suede Slippers has stayed with me and to me good value with any leather product is worked out by dividing the total cost by longevity and use … whether that be furniture, shoes & slippers or an all in one motorbike suit….. good quality leather products don’t ever go out of fashion

Annie Lavinia

Thanks for detailing about leatger type , i think i found this detaing about Leather in most easy and elegant way of understanding , I got reply towards the qyerries in my mund about The kinds of lethers ,thanks a lot.
It started with a search of 5No. formal shoes pair for me which i not found on most of tge shoe making companies , including Big brands , hard to understand why such companies not make shoes in 5 No. indian . I think god has made my foot different and unique 😂

sanjay sharma

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