How to know the difference between leather and synthetic materials

How to know the difference between leather and synthetic materials

How to know the difference between leather and synthetic materials

When buying a pair of slippers, the quality and the materials are one of our biggest priorities. We look for shoes that have a certain standard of quality. Thus we want good materials to be used while making these shoes. Often leather is a material that slippers are made of, like CP Slippers. The problem is that sometimes imitations appear on the market, so what can we do to ensure the slippers we want are real leather?

We’ll give you some basic tips for distinguishing between real leather and synthetic materials.

Basic Tips

The touch: Leather feels soft and is a flexible and smooth material. Synthetic products are usually much harder and have a plastic feeling to them. As said, leather is an elastic material, and we can make a 10cm leather piece expand to 10.8 cm, something synthetic materials can’t do.

Sight: Leather is usually easy to see at first sight. The texture and the pores are very distinctive, making it relatively easy for the eye to recognize.

Smell: Leather has a very characteristic smell, very natural, while synthetic materials have a more artificial plastic-like smell.

Other Useful Tips

There are other ways to recognize leather. These may not be so common or easy to do, but they also work to make the difference between leather and synthetic.

Burning: We can take a little fiber from the backside of the leather or the synthetic, and then we put them into the fire (use a match or a lighter). If the smell is very intense and penetrating, we know it is synthetic. Leather has a more natural smell as if you were burning a piece of hair.

Price: This way of discovering the difference needs to be revised. Usually, leather products are much more expensive than synthetic materials.


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