How it all Started

In the 60s, a humble family of Andalusian peasants migrated to the Spanish city of Elche. It was our desire to work in the burgeoning industry of footwear for big names in American footwear. Our family found a home here and settled in the area.

In 1981, my grandfather went on a trip to Japan and discovered their tradition of leaving outside dirt outside by wearing slippers around the house. On his return to Spain, he started making some nice slippers at home from one piece of premium leather for his family and friends.

I still remember the first time my grandfather gave me a pair of CP Slippers; that feeling of my little foot sliding into those slippers and the marvelous feeling of direct contact with the smooth leather, the comfort was comparable to walking around the house barefoot. That first feeling marked me forever. Years later, after training as a craftsman in leather working, CP Slippers was founded to share with the world the passion that I kept so fondly from my childhood.

CP Slippers brand story. Our artisan shoe maker story.

We Make Magic Happen

At CP Slippers Factory is where the magic happens; this is where each pair of home shoes are lovingly handcrafted from its raw leather state to a beautifully finished leather slipper, boxed and ready for shipping.

Our factory is located in Elche, Spain. This home of our family business houses the machinery, tools, and talented hands and minds that bring you the quality and perfection gathered by many years of experience crafting leather. Our little company employs highly-skilled and experienced men who produce best quality pairs of CP Slippers every day, so we will always do our best to have your order boxed and ready for shipment the same day.

Each pair begins as a measurement on select calfskin leather, which is then cut and hand-crafted around a well-designed mold. Before the final stitching and welding begins, we test everything to ensure quality and perfection.ts.

Our passion ensures the premium quality of each pair we make. Although our men take great pride in their work, we visually inspect each pair to guarantee a perfect, comfortable fit for men and women of great taste in superior leather products.

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