Can someone wear slippers to a formal event?

Saying that slippers have become a shoe that are not only limited to the house, is quite an understatement. We have seen during the last years how slippers have become more and more common for us and we even use them when we have some outside activities like shopping or during our holidays.

This huge raise of popularity of slippers creates a lot of debate, and one of the questions one can hear is about the limits of slippers. Is it right to wear them also during a formal occasion? Does it break the dress code?

The answer to the first question is a no. Even if slippers are a very comfortable shoe, they are not a shoe that belongs to formal events like a wedding or a night gala. These kind of events usually have a very strict dress code, and even if some women for example wear ballerinas (for health or comfort), the same can not be applied for slippers.

It’s true that some luxurious slippers exist and we’ve seen some men using them in big events. This type of slippers could be used, because of their high quality materials and overall look, but it’s something more reserved for those who want to experiment with their look and wear something different to a classic tuxedo and leather shoes look.

If you have to dress for a formal event, sticking to the classic options, a tuxedo for a men and for women a long dress, is always a great option. For those men who want to experiment and take risks, wearing luxe slippers with their suits can be a daring choice, and it will only be a successful one if you choose the right pair of slippers and you have plenty of confidence.

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