Tricks to prevent your feet from sweating

Tricks to prevent your feet from sweating

Spring has already arrived. It’s the moment to go out, make some trips and enjoy the company of our families and friends.

One of the main problems many people face during the spring is their feet sweating too much. That is very uncomfortable for the person, making wearing shoes or slippers difficult and producing a smell. Today we give you some easy tips to prevent your feet from sweating.

Sodium bicarbonate (A.K.A. baking soda or bread soda) is a good help. Pour a little bit into a bucket with some water and put your feet there for about 10 minutes. It helps the feet to sweat less and also prevents smells.

Black tea is another option. Boil some water with five black tea bags for around 15 minutes. Let the water cool down, and then put your feet in there. After that, dry them very thoroughly and use some talc powder.

These two tricks are very helpful, but there are also some basic routines one must follow daily. They might seem very obvious, but doing so can help your feet sweat and smell less. Even if you don’t shower every day, try washing your feet with some special soap that kills bacteria daily.

After taking a shower, dry your feet immediately and frequently use talcum powder to keep them dry and prevent bacteria from growing quickly. Also, using different shoes and socks sparingly helps as well.

Some other tips would be letting your feet breathe and using open shoes, especially if, because of your job, you are required to wear closed shoes or even boots in some cases, so you must give your feet some break.


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