Singles Day the 11.11 Global Shipping Festival

Singles Day; the 11.11 Global Shipping Festival

11/11 global shipping days, also called single days, started in China. On that day, Chinese people celebrate and are proud to be single. This festival has become the largest and biggest online shopping day, with sales on Tmall, Taobao, and Alibaba's sites at US$17.8 billion in 2016. Recently, this day has been celebrated in many countries like Hong Kong and Malaysia. On 11 November, nearly all companies with B2C retailer e-commerce websites gave a huge discounts on their products. CP Slipper is also included as part of those companies that provide generous discounts on their product.

An overview of CP slippers: 

CP Slipper is a large but resourceful manufacturing firm providing exotic slippers since 1981. Our priority is to serve people with our best services and work. We made slippers for men as well as women. All slippers are made with original quality leather. We only use pure, original leather that makes a reliable and comfortable slipper. Pure leather's benefits are ensuring a soft slipper that satisfies your feet. We use Napa leather for manufacturing slippers for a better experience. 

In this slipper, we do not add additional soles or any other adornments. CP Slippers are light-weighted and very comfortable for your feet. It gives satisfaction to your feet when you come home and want to remove your shoes. You can wear CP Slippers with your gown, jeans, or shorts at home or outside. 

Slippers For Men and Women: 

CP slippers produce fascinating and comfortable slippers based on the requirement of men and women. We have slippers for men as well as for women. Our slippers are world famous. We deliver our orders all over the world. 


We have all sizes of slippers, small, medium, and large. The beauty of our slippers is that they also come in various attractive colors. We also make slippers for kids. 

Return policy: 

We can exchange orders if you have some doubts about orders. You can easily exchange your order within 28 days. 

Our services and charges: 

We are a Spain-based company, but we serve customers worldwide. We provide online services to order. We accept all major cards like visa cards and master cards for your purchase. We do not charge shipping charges if your order is greater than 190$. After placing your order, be sure to get your order delivered within 3-7 business days.

Special offers: 

We don't charge any shipping charges if you do shopping over 190$. Please take advantage of the coming global shipping day to buy your luxurious, original leather-made CP slippers, and enjoy our generous discounts. We shall deliver free all of your orders without any hidden charges.

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