Make Family Time, Fun Time

Make Family Time, Fun Time

Make family time fun time

Family time starts at the door. When you remove your outside shoes and put on your CP Slippers, you leave dirt and disease outside. Things around the house need to be done, and children need to learn how to do those things too. So, turn chores into family time that is fun time but, just as importantly, learning time for the kids. Particularly true now in households where both adult members and sometimes even teens have to work outside the home. Shared chores for the whole family make those less arduous and fun when done together.

At the Door

Let’s begin at the door, where everyone removes their outside shoes and slips their feet into a pair of slippers. There are six spaces in the shoe cabinet, one for each family member and two for guests. Everyone in the home knows to put on their house slippers when they come in and stow their outside shoes in the cabinet. If you have more shoes than your cabinet will hold, you must make room by moving a pair or two. A neat home starts at the door and keeps everyone healthier. Get extra CP Slippers for your guests.

Family Time in the Garden

The garden has numerous tasks that need to be done. Many of those chores can be shared, with the harder chores rotating between family members. As a family, we spend 30 minutes every day in the garden. Family time in the garden ensures that everyone knows how important gardening is to eating and surviving. Each family member has a pair of CP Slippers to wear in the garden, so we leave the “fertilizer” and do not bring it into the house. Whatever personal chores can’t be finished in the 30 minutes of family time will be done as a personal chore when that family member has time.

Dinner Time is Family Time in the Kitchen

Like the garden, numerous tasks need to be done, so we make dinner time family time. Everyone has a hand in preparing dinner and cleaning up afterwards. This way the children learn to cook too. In addition, Grace or the prayer before dinner is shared and rotates daily, and so is the dinner conversation. Everyone must bring something to the table. It need not be about their day, but it could be.

On the other hand, it could be an idea about their plans for the future, a business idea you have or a dream or nightmare you want to share. Dinner isn’t over, and no one is excused until everyone has shared something and is finished eating. Likewise, phones are not brought to the table, and the landline can go through to voicemail. Very few things are more important than a shared family meal.

Everyone knows to rinse their dishes and put those in the dishwasher, but the cooking dishes are shared by one adult and one child and alternate daily. And, when children share in equally divided family chores, they feel more a part of the family and responsible, which makes them better citizens in the community and at school.

Family Fun Night

In addition to sharing household chores, Saturday night is a family fun night, and the choice of what we do rotates too. Surprisingly, the kids usually decide on the most fun things to do. Maybe adults get stuck in a rut of things they have done before, or we lose our imagination. We usually choose a movie and pizza, although those can be fun too.

Why Are CP Slippers So Important to Family Time?

Admittedly, we do most of the things we do as a family during the week at home. So naturally, CP Slippers are a large part of our family fun time. That’s not to say you can’t wear your CP Slippers outside. They are comfortable and natural to walk in, so wearing them out to a family fun night at the movie is OK, but we never wear them to play basketball or football.

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