Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan, a Day of Rest and Paying Tribute.

Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan, a Day of Rest and Paying Tribute.


The thanksgiving holiday that we know in America is all about turkey, mashed potatoes and delicious pies but in Japan the meaning of Labor Thanksgiving Day is a little bit different.

Labor Thanksgiving Day which is celebrated annually on November 23rd is a Japanese holiday that is centered on paying respect to laborers and those who do their jobs well. 

The holiday which is Kinro Kansha no Hi in Japanese can be traced back to a harvest festival that occurred as early as 660 BC. The harvest festival known as Niinamesai, consisted of the Emperor dedicating the year’s first harvested rice to the gods and then tasting it himself. 

During modern time Japan evolved from an agrarian nation to an industrial one. It was therefore more suitable to celebrate the laborers and those who work hard instead of the fall harvests. 

Difference between American and Japanese thanksgiving day

Both American thanksgiving and Japanese thanksgiving are similar with both holidays focusing on thanks. In Japan though it is a little more specific, sometimes you literally thank those hardworking people. 

Children may go around to places like police stations, hospitals and fire stations handing out thank you cards, hand drawn pictures or small gifts to show appreciation for their services. 

The major difference between American thanksgiving and Japanese thanksgiving is how the two countries celebrate it. In America, its custom for families to eat turkey and throw parties, it’s really difficult to find that in Japan as the holiday there is not quite as festive. 

Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan is more a day of rest and paying tribute to labor force. It’s normal to have many laborers stay at home, enjoy a relaxing day indoors with their family, play games and watch television. Traditionally people show up to others homes with several types of traditional Japanese dishes (such as seaweed salad etc.) and have a small bash with their friends and families. 

Recently some people in Japan have adopted a westernized version of thanksgiving due to the high population of Americans and Canadians, and now host large potluck parties. 

Whether you are attending small get together with the family or enjoying potluck feasts at a party, it is important to remember the Japanese tradition of leaving outside dirt outside, by taking of your shoes and putting on a pair of slippers. 

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