Do feet change their size?

Do feet change their size?

Many people don’t know this yet, but our feet can often change their size. It’s a relatively common thing, yet quite unknown. How is it possible that our feet can be bigger or smaller?

There are a lot of different explanations for that. In the case of women, one of the most frequent moments that produces the change of size for their feet is pregnancy. Often we hear stories of women who had swollen feet during their pregnancy forcing them to buy bigger size shoes. Not only the size can change, many recent studies showed that also the shape of the feet could change during the pregnancy.

Other, more general, explanations for the change of size of our feet can be gaining or losing weight. Something as common as that can have an influence making our feet to be wider or narrower, and thus, often forcing the person to have to buy different sized shoes. So one has to be very careful when buying shoes if you’re doing some diet, because you might buy a pair of shoes that now perfectly fits, but they could be not the right size after some months.

There’s nothing we can do about our feet changing their size due to these natural causes. What we can do it’s taking good measurements of our feet to keep always notice if there is any change in their size to be well informed if we plan to buy new shoes, or new slippers.

In the case of slippers, size is also an essential role because often one has to buy a bigger size than the normal shoes, but if you are pregnant or you feel that your feet have been or are swollen you should wait for them to return to their normal state before buying shoes, that way you can prevent spending your money on the wrong size and not being able to enjoy your new slippers

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