Business & Casual Dress Minimalist Shoes for the Office

Business & Casual Dress Minimalist Shoes for the Office

Business & Casual Dress Minimalist Shoes for the Office

Minimalist shoes for the office

You can mix business and pleasure when you wear minimalist but professional all-leather comfort shoes from CP Slippers in the office. Although Altra, a running shoes company, created and patented the term Zero Drop for running shoes, CP Slippers has used a no-drop design since 1981. CP Slippers uses one piece of hand-picked Napa leather to create comfortable shoes or home slippers with no heel and no sole, so there is no drop while walking or even running. Your feet are not propped up in an unnatural position by platforms, heels, or thick soles that create problems such as corns, bunions, and blisters.

What You Will Like About CP Slippers for Work

These are office-friendly, comfortable, casual, and easy to slip into without all the hassles of hard leather shoes. Just flat, form-fitting comfort that looks good. You can get these in various colors to suit just about any color scheme you want to wear to the office. Many people hate wearing shoes, which are as close as you can get to the office barefoot.

Made with a smooth leather interior, soft and flexible, these shoes allow you to walk the way nature intended for you to walk. You should feel the ground; your feet should function freely, and your shoes should not change your gait. Shoes with high arches or heels force your leg muscles to adapt to this unnatural stance or walk. Sure, you will get used to it, but your back will suffer the pain eventually, and so will your posture. So, get the benefit of walking barefoot while meeting the expectations of employers with a true minimalist shoe.

We have international customers from many other nations who swear by CP Slippers. They wear them to work, church, and other events because they are simple and lightweight. Plus, the price will always fit your budget.

Expensive Shoes or Comfort Within Your Budget

Many people look at minimalist shoes and gasp at the price. Then they think, “Well, those are good for my feet, or those are so cute, maybe I will try those.” Only to discover, in addition to the USD 150 or 127€ price tag, there are another $25 or 21€ shipping fees, only to try them on and wish they had saved their money because they aren’t comfortable and don’t look nearly as good as they did online.

They should have tried CP Slippers minimalist shoes made with the finest Napa calfskin and handcrafted to form a simple yet comfortable pair of minimalist shoes for around $35 or 30€ with international shipping at $10.00 or 8€. Many minimalist and even some barefoot enthusiasts love these shoes because they are functional and comfortable for work, play, and leisure. The simple one-piece leather design, rough outside but smooth inside, assures your comfort, almost as if you are barefoot. And what’s best of all is they fit your budget!

You need to take our word for it. Read Robert Hale’s review of our all-leather shoes in Best Leather. He loved them, and we’re sure you will too.

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