Origins of slippers

Origins of slippers

Today most of us have a pair of slippers. Something comfortable to use at home when we want to relax and give our feet a break after hours of working wearing not so comfortable shoes. But do you know the origin of slippers?

Origins of slippers

Easter origin 

Slippers are very connected to Eastern history. They have played a very important role in Japanese culture (still today), but it seems more likely that they have their origin in the Persia area. 

They were a very comfortable shoe that when someone had to sit in one of the famous low chairs they were easy to remove, and also ideal to walk and travel with them, so the feet could always have some way to breathe and rest, yet at the same time they were protected from the rocky ground. 

As mentioned, slippers have a huge importance in Japan. As one might know by experience or having seen that in movies, people must leave their shoes on the entrance of every place in Japan (private houses, restaurants, hotels, resorts) because Japanese people think the feet should breathe after a long day working. Sometimes they give you a pair of slippers so you can use them inside, but always keeping in mind that the feet have to breathe and rest. 

In Europe 

It took some time until the slippers arrived to Europe. The premise of comfort and being able to make trips wearing them was the biggest incentive, and it was not until some point between the 16th and the 17th centuries when they had their entrance into the Old Europe. 

18th century was the golden era for slippers, usually connected to luxury, richness and only the highest classes and the royalty would have a pair of them. 


Nowadays, as mentioned previously, slippers are something common all over the world. They have become a part of our daily life. We wear them at home when we want to feel comfortable and we bring them with us during our trips. 

Even if they have become more common, they still have that luxurious feeling attached to them, and especially when you take into consideration slippers like ours, made out of the best materials that make sure that your feet can always breathe while helping them to recover after many hours of working and wearing heavy shoes, and in the cases of women high heels that can cause a bigger damage in the feet. 

Now every time you use your slippers you can think on the rich history something so essential for our daily life has. 


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