6 Places to Relax in Your CP Slippers

6 Places to Relax in Your CP Slippers

Top 6 places for relax

Top 6 Places to Relax

After a long week at work, you're ready for a relaxing weekend. And, there's nothing like a good book and a bottle of wine to start your weekend, so stop by the bookstore and pick up a good book, for it's as Tyrion said, "A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge."

Speaking of Tyrion, Season Seven of Game of Thrones starts this week. Though it's usually anything but relaxing, pretend you're Tyrion Lannister and grab a glass of wine and unwind in front of the TV in a cozy robe and your CP Slippers.

OK, so you've taken care of Friday evening. Let's plan further for the weekend with these six places to relax. Don't worry that you won't be able to do all of these this weekend. You have a full summer of weekends to fill.

1.- A Staycation

A Staycation is a vacation when you stay close to home, so call your favorite Four or Five-Star hotel nearby and reserve a room for Saturday night for you and your significant other. Since you won't go far, grab your CP Slippers and toothbrush. Although they may have both at the hotel, we want to avoid trusting our feet to unfamiliar slippers, and who knows how hard or soft their toothbrush will be?

2.- A Cozy Cottage by the Lake

There's nothing quite as relaxing as a cool dip in the lake to leave the stress of life and work behind.

3.- In Your Kitchen

The truth is that we are often tired and stressed after work and want food. But that's not always a bad thing. A big plate of pasta and bread is probably not what you need to help you relax. Try a glass of red wine with a plate of nuts, crackers, and cheese. The antioxidants in the wine will help with circulation to decrease your feelings of stress, and the tryptophan, rich in amino acids, in the cheese and nuts will help you relax and unwind.

4.- In the Garden

The garden's fresh air and quiet atmosphere are just what you need to relax. The oxygen-rich air of your backyard garden will help relieve anxiety and stave off depression to help you relax. Oxygen deprivation has been linked to many diseases, including cancer, so gardening will help you relax and keep you healthy. And, dedicating a pair of CP Slippers for wear in the garden will help fight off bunions and corns and let your feet breathe.

5.- At the Gym

Exercise is imperative to delivering mood-enhancing chemicals like anandamide and endorphins that will assist in lowering your anxiety and boosting your mental well-being. Certainly, you will want to avoid wearing your CP Slipper while on the treadmill or using the machines. Still, after your workout and your sauna or steam bath, you will want to slide your feet into the comfort of your slipper with a smoothie with coconut, banana, and almond milk to refuel those proteins while you chat with your friends before heading home. You will never feel more relaxed after a gym workout, sauna, and smoothie.

6.- Home Yoga and Aromatherapy

A simple and inexpensive relaxation place is right at home with yoga and aromatherapy. Turn your home into the relaxing sanctuary you pay big money for anywhere else. Use essential oils and scented candles while you apply simple yoga techniques to relax at home. Some of these essential oils will help you relax, like Lavender, Chamomile, Yiang-Yiang, and Bergamot, which are antidepressants that stimulate serotonins and boost relaxation. You can use these in-room sprays, a drop or two in your bath, or essence or oil burners.

CP Slippers & Relaxation, a Winning Combination

Relaxation is as necessary to your mood and body's health as exercise and oxygen, and once you get out of those shoes and into your slippers, you start to relax.

Order a Pair of CP Slippers for Your Guests

Whichever place you choose to relax, at home, at the lake, or in the garden, your mood will be boosted by the right chemistry and slippers to help you unwind and relax. Get another pair of CP Slippers for the garden and get out there and breathe in that rich oxygenated air to boost your mood.


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