6 Funny And Cheap Halloween DIY Decoration Ideas

6 Funny And Cheap Halloween DIY Decoration Ideas

When Halloween comes around, many people spend a lot of time and money decorating their homes. Whether you want to make your home look scary or fun, there are 6 Funny and cheap Halloween DIY decoration ideas that you should take a close look at. These ideas will not only make your home look good, but they will also help you save your money. There are a number of things that you can make this Halloween. All you need is a few good ideas and some useful instructions.

Tin Cans

The best way to add a touch of Halloween to your home is by using tin cans. In fact, tin can luminaries are a cheap and fun Halloween DIY decoration idea that anyone can do. Most of us have a few cans lying around the house. You can use these to line up your drive or you can place them on your porch or you can pierce the can and put a thread through them so that you can hang them anywhere. This is a truly funny and cheap Halloween DIY decoration idea.

Witch Hats

Witch hats are ideal for those who want to illuminate their porches. In fact, witch hats add a very nice Halloween touch to your home. They are easy to make and they are also a very cheap item that give your home a nice whimsical touch. You can light them up and in this way the kids in your neighborhood will know when you are ready to hand them their trick or treat candy. Witch hats are cute and adorable and of course they are also very cheap.

Light up your front porch

If you want to light up your front porch or entryway, then there are some very nice funny and cheap Halloween DIY decoration ideas that you can use to good effect. All you need to do is carve some pumpkins and include them in your holiday décor. Black cats can be made from stacked pumpkins and if you put a candle in the cat, then you can give your home an eerie glow this Halloween. Just place them on the front porch. They are easy to create and the best part is you can make them without making a big mess.

6 Funny And Cheap Halloween DIY Decoration Ideas


If you have old soda bottles made from plastic, you can use them as a good Halloween decoration. Just place the bottles strategically and with the help of a few basic supplies, you can create a floating ghost in your home. This is a Halloween DIY decoration idea that is very easy to make. Even your children can make a good floating ghost that can be used to decorate your porch or living room.

Halloween luminaries

Luminaries are an excellent decoration. You can make your own bag luminaries and you won’t need to spend more than a few dollars. Just use a recycled bag and along with a few other supplies you can make your luminary which can be placed on the porch rail or they can be used to line the stairway.

Chicken wire ghosts

You can use chicken wire to make some eerie chicken wire ghosts, which you can place around the yard. This is a fun and cheap Halloween DIY decoration idea. Hide the ghosts in wooded areas and scare people who pass that way. Just make sure your ghost looks like a real person.

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