6 Cities to Escape to this Winter

6 Cities to Escape to this Winter

If you are looking at frigid temperatures, lots of snow, and miserable conditions where you live, you may want to visit a place where you can warm up. The good news about winter escapes in the United States is that there are many cities on the continent that provide warm temperatures without breaking the bank in terms of air travel, hotel or house rental stays, and other essential items.

Here are six cities that make for great winter escapes that you can visit for a week or more during the cold months of the year.  

Brownsville, Texas 

Where the US meets Mexico in Texas, Brownsville offers a warm, welcome respite from cold temperatures. The best part about Brownsville is that during the winter months the rainfall is infrequent which means you can enjoy more days on the beach, playing golf, or having a good time outside without fear of being in a sudden deluge of rain. There are also many festivals that happen during this time of the year.  

Corpus Christi, Texas 

The only city on the list where snow is possible, for the most part this southern Texas city along the Gulf Coast offers warm temperatures, sea breezes, and a remarkably sunny climate. Lots of things to in Corpus Christi, including laying out on the beach, playing tennis, and going shopping. However, you it is possible to run into some inclement weather if you are unlucky.  

Fort Myers, Florida 

You’ll find lots of “snow birds” or vacationing tourists in this area and for good reason. Fort Myers offers warm temperatures, spectacular beaches, and plenty of outdoor activities with little chance of rainfall. Despite it’s popularity, it is less crowded compared to Miami and other southern Florida cities.  

Kahului, Hawaii 

No need for a coat when visiting Kahului as the lowest average temperature during the winter is 63 degrees. This area offers plenty of sunshine, though rain is still possible and some spectacular locations which includes Iao Valley, the “Yosemite of the Pacific along with some wonderful beaches.  

Key West, Florida  

Easily one of the most popular tourist sites during the winter, Key West is the southernmost point in the lower 48 states. Key West is also the home to a vibrant, off-beat culture that may catch you by surprise. Still, it does offer the home of famed author Ernest Hemmingway, spectacular beaches, and plenty of things to do.  

Yuma, Arizona 

If you want a change of pace from the ocean, there is the warm desert of Yuma that offers beautiful, sunny weather. Keep in mind that there is a chance of cooler weather, although it will be a welcome relief from the cold, frigid climate of the north. There are few cities in the US as dry in terms of rainfall as Yuma and the stunning view of nearby mountains along with the wildlife in the region make this city a must-see.  

You can make any of these six winter escapes your vacation location during the cold months of the year while not spending a great deal of money.  


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