5 Ways to Make the Best Use of 5 Extra Minutes

5 Ways to Make the Best Use of 5 Extra Minutes

5 Ways to Make the Best Use of 5 Extra Minutes

What do you do if you maintain a hectic schedule and suddenly realize that you have 5 extra minutes to spend the way you like? Of course spending, 5 minutes optimally depends on the set of priorities you have in your life. However, given here are certain best ideas about spending quality extra time for as few as 5 minutes.

Just Close Your Eyes and Tune Into Your Favorite Song

Yes! Closing your eyes is the best way to relax in the shortest possible extra time. Just throw all the tasks out of your mind, take a deep breath, take your headphones and take out 3 minutes and 30 seconds for your favorite song. Believe me! Closing your eyes and listening to music will energize and make you feel good. 

Read Jokes That Would Make You Laugh Through the Day

Well! If you remain occupied most of the day with certain tasks or other, reading a couple of jokes will charge your battery and keep you smiling for the remaining day. 

Text or Call a Person You Love

You do not find time to keep in touch, but sometime a little hello will make the person feel that they are still remembered. So, it is one of the best ways to spend 5 minutes. Though you will get to talk less, this will be a feel-good factor for you and the person on another end. 

Make a Note for Your Priorities in Life

You live and earn for them, and if they need to be clarified in your mind, you will always remain at a fix. So, it is important to note them so you can focus more. Make a list of your priorities and decide what should be done first. You can also think of preparing the budget of how much to spend on what. 

Write a Thank You Note

If somebody has done something for you and you have just forgotten to show gratitude, write a thank you note. It is important because it helps build a long-term relationship. Writing a thank you letter or just expressing gratitude with your words will make the other person feel good, especially when they are not expecting it. 

As I said, how you spend your extra time depends on the priorities of your life. If you are health conscious, you can do some stretches, push-ups, or meditation. 


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