How not to wear Slippers

How not to wear Slippers

As mentioned in a previous post, slippers are very versatile shoes that one can wear with some outfits. That way, there are other shoes to wear at home.

While it is great that slippers are worn for our street looks, one has to be very careful to avoid making mistakes and ending up looking terrible.

Night Looks

Sure, you’ve been some people wearing fancy slippers for a night look with a tuxedo. While it might look daring and interesting, they don’t really belong together. Slippers, while luxurious, represent comfort, so they shouldn’t really be part of a night look. A night look is always about elegance both for men and women, and while some slippers have great designs, slippers have always been the best symbol of luxe comfort, so it’s not a good combination.

As said, also it should not be a part of any night look for women. Usually, a night look for women is made of a gown or a cocktail dress, so for those events, a high heel is always the most sensible shoe choice or a very elegant and chic ballerina for those who don’t want to use heels.

Slippers are a great option for our daily looks, especially for the more relaxed and casual ones. But one has to be careful, slippers, for example, don’t go well with a tracksuit or jogging pants. Even if these clothes are comfortable and represent comfort, they bring down the luxe feeling of slippers, and the look can end up messy.

We’re sure you know the best way to wear your slippers when you’re out, but these two little tips might help you to avoid any potential fashion faux pas, and that way, you can maximize the use of slippers in your street style.


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