6 interesting trivia about cool slippers

6 interesting trivia about cool slippers

Slippers are a part of our daily life. We wear them at home to give our feet a well-deserved rest. Considering that they are such a common thing for us, one might think that slippers might not hide secrets from us.

Today we decided to sum up a few interesting trivia about cool slippers to prove that even these shoes that are such a normal yet important part of our daily life have many interesting things behind their history.

In Japan, there are special slippers to go to the bathroom. You can find this in private houses, hotels, and restaurants. One very important thing, once you leave the bathroom, remember to leave them where they were; there's nothing more terrifying for Japanese people than walking into a room with their bathroom slippers.

    1. The world's most famous slippers, the red slippers Judy Garland wore in The Wizard of Oz, were sold for 660.000$ in an auction in 2000.
    2. The word slipper dates from 1478. It first appeared in a dictionary in England but also was considered a verb. That means that slipper has at least a 538-year-old history!
    3. Slippers and exams: The most successful exam taker (70 O-levels, 16 A-levels, one S-level) declared that a big part of his success was due to his slippers. Why? Because it's important to feel comfortable to be able to give your best.
    4. Slipper Man: Some of you might have ever heard of Slipper Man. Derek Fan entered the Guinness World Record for wearing a pair of slippers for 23 years straight as of June 2007.
    5. Monster slipper: In 2011, Tom Boddingham made a mistake while placing a decimal number while ordering a pair of slippers, and we received a 7-foot-tall slipper at home. British papers made headlines out of it, but everything came to an end when Twitter followers managed to prove that it was a PR stunt by the company.
    6. Most expensive slippers: The most expensive shoe in the world is a slipper covered by 1,400 white diamond pieces. They cost about 2 million US$, and they were made for Nick Cannon, a TV host also known as Mariah Carey's ex-husband.

    As you can see, slippers are a box full of surprises. Do you know any other interesting trivia about slippers?


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