Care & Product Info

Taking care of your product 

  • It’s recommended to use a suede brush for daily care.
  • To prevent the swede from slipping on the floor, bristle up the leather coat using a brush.
  • Washable. We recommend you use specialized cleaning product, such as suede shampoo.
  • However, it is difficult to remove stains completely from the surface of leather (as used on the inside of our slippers)
  • This product may lose color caused by exposure or abrasion.
  • May get water stained
  • We maintain the scratches, stains and lines that come naturally on the leather.
  • The color, thickness and texture may vary due to the fact that the leather is a natural product.
  • The color, glaze and shape may chnage over time.
  • The leather of the sewn part is thinly shaved off. The color diference caused by this is a part of design.