Tricks to prevent swollen feet

Tricks to prevent swollen feet

Having swollen feet is not so rare for many people. The name of this is edema, and it can happen for diverse reasons such as problems with blood pressure or circulation and it’s also frequent during pregnancies. Edema on its own is not a dangerous or harmful problem, but it can be very uncomfortable. That’s why today we bring you some tips that can help you avoiding it. And the best part, they are all tricks you can do at home.

Soak your feet

There are several great ways to help your feet by soaking them. You can try with a bucket of water and add some salt like Epsom salts. It really helps, but it’s best only if you only have swollen feet and ankles.

Soda water can be another possibility to soak your feet in, as long as it’s cold or room temperature. Soaking them in warm water is also helpful and then adding some grapefruit oil would be ideal.


Sometimes lack of some physical activity can be a cause for swollen feet. Doing yoga can do wonders for you, but if you don’t like yoga don’t worry. Sports like swimming are a great help as well and also some basic fitness exercises like putting your legs high can help you to prevent that.

Support socks

For some people can be one of the best options and you can combine it with the other ones. Buying a support/compression sock is indeed very helpful, but they can be quite uncomfortable for some people because they are really tight.

These tips are quite simple as you can see and you can easily do them at home without having to spend lots of money or time. So if you suffer from swollen feet and ankles, don’t forget to try some of these remedies and tell us if they did work for you.

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