Are Slippers Good for Your Feet?

Are Slippers Good for Your Feet

The real question here is, Are shoes good for your feet? On the job, men wear shoes or boots all day in sweat filled socks and women, well many wear high-heeled shoes. We are on our feet all day, with our feet crammed into a pair of too tight or too loose shoes or boots, the bunions, corns, and other deformities start to form as the shoes rub on different spots of our feet. Our only relief seems at the end of the day when we finally get home from work and slip off our shoes, boots, or heels and slide our already grateful feet into a pair of house slippers.

The Problem with Too Tight or Too Loose Shoes

Particularly for women, too tight shoes can be a serious problem. Women often buy shoes that are too small so that those do not shift while the back of their foot is much higher than the toes because of high-heeled shoes. Well, with the advent of online shopping this problem has grown in width and breadth, as men are now ordering their shoes online and many are not willing to go to the expense of sending back a pair of too small shoes. This is unfortunate and unhealthy.

Bunions can be particularly painful. Bunions are formed when the foot is crammed into a too-small shoe and the big toe is pushed in towards the other toes. Bunions take many years to form and those with bunions can get relief through buying wider shoes and taking their shoes off as soon as they come home and slip into a pair of CP Slippers.

Corns, according to Mayo Clinic, are caused by the bone on the toe rubbing against the shoe as we walk. Walking continuously causes the shoe, either too tight or too loose to rub against toe bone. Corns usually develop on the top of the big toe or the side of the pinky or smallest toe. Corns are simply calluses that build up over time. Once again, a simple prevention is to buy the right size shoe and to take off those shoes when you come home from work and slip your feet into a pair of CP Slippers.

Now, both sexes are quite ready by the end of the day to pull off those too tight shoes and slip on a pair of house slippers. Although CP Slippers are ordered online too, you never need to worry about our slippers being too small, as we have a size chart that gives you the size for many different countries, so there’s no confusion because of an orientated conversion.

So, of course, slippers are good for your feet.

CP Slippers Good for Your Feet

Why are CP Slippers Good for Your Feet?

CP Slippers are made of a single piece of luxurious leather, hand-crafted for comfort. Not only do they fit to your foot like a glove to your hand, they’ll make your feet feel better fast. There’s no heel to turn your foot in a direction that is unnatural for your foot, it just follows your natural gait.

CP Slippers have been made by Oscar and his family since 1981. They know how to choose the perfect piece of leather to craft your slippers. Check the size chart and order a pair today! In fact, get a pair for everyone in your family, their feet will be healthier and they will thank you for it.

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