Why more and more Families are turning away from Outside Shoes Inside

House Leather Slippers

In many Asian nations, it is customary to remove your shoes and put on slippers before entering a home. That tradition is spreading in many other cultures and here are some of the reasons why.

In many Asian homes there is a clear line between outside and inside, a room or entry way designated for removing your shoes and slipping on some slippers, thus leaving the outside dirt, outside. This tradition also applies to many homes in other countries as well, though it is not as formal as in many Asian homes. The tradition makes a lot of sense in many ways as it is easier to clean a house when no dirt is tracked in from outside, it is healthier, and saves significant wear on carpets and linoleums. In many countries, it is natural to take your shoes off at the door, many would not even think of going in to your home with shoes intended for outside on their feet.

What should you wear instead?

A quality leather slipper is one answer because wearing comfortable house slippers or bedroom slippers made from quality calfskin gives your feet the sensation of going barefoot, yet the smooth feel of leather gives your feet additional reflexology and natural firm grip with the floor surface. This feeling allows coupling of your feet’s pressure points with the natural leather slippers. Other answers include, flip-flops, sandals, and booties but from our perspective leather slippers are best because of the natural design and no need to remove socks. Read our story to understand why we believe we make the best slippers for men and women anywhere in the world.

Good Reason to wear House Slippers

Seven Good Reason to wear House Slippers, particularly CP Slippers

  1. Not wearing shoes inside will almost eliminate the need to shampoo your carpets so often.
  2. Expensive carpets aren’t easy to clean and can be damaged by outside dirt and toxins carried in by shoes. Especially if you accidently stepped in animal excrement. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing?
  3. Outside shoes might mark or scratch wooden floors, tiles, and linoleums from grit particles trapped in the tread of your shoes.
  4. Possible petrol, pesticides, and other pollutants might stick to your shoes, not to mention chewing gum. Have you ever tried getting chewing gum out of a carpet?
  5. Rain, snow, and the sludge of weather conditions will NOT be tracked inside.
  6. Do you really want your crawling baby or children playing with their toys on the floor exposed to these dangers?
  7. Your guest will feel more relaxed and more like a part of the family when you provide them with a pair of comfortable house slippers, preferably CP Slippers. Additionally, wearing comfortable leather house slippers creates a state of mind where outside stressors and troubles are left outside.

Buy Quality Leather Slippers

How to Buy Quality Leather CP Slippers for yourself, family members, and guests

After discovering all these reasons, you may consider adopting a no-shoes policy for your home, and you may want to purchase quality leather slippers for your family and your guests. We have a nice selection of quality leather slippers on hand and can fulfill your order promptly. When you consider the cost versus the quality of workmanship that goes into CP Slippers, there is no better deal on the market today. Simply go to Men’s Slippers or choose Women’s Slippers to place your order now and we will speed them on their way, today. We also accept gift orders and will ship them to an alternate address for you.


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