The importance of Slippers

The importance of Slippers

As you probably know, slippers have become part of our daily routines. We wear them when we get out of bed after a good night sleep, and we put them back again when we return from work after a long day. These two moments might seem common and very normal for all of you, but there’s a huge importance on them.

Benefits of using Slippers

As mentioned before, there are two key moments in our daily life when we use the slippers. In the morning when we get up and in the evening when we get home. What do you think this means? Well, slippers have been associated for a very long time with comfort, relax and health, and these two moments really symbolize that. How do you feel when you get up in the morning? Usually fresh, with renewed energy and ready for the day ahead, and then you put on your slippers, not your shoes, boots or sneakers. That way the feet are already in movement and getting ready for the day, but still being able to breathe and not forcing them into a harmful position or gesture.

Then, many hours later, after a long day at work you get home and you leave your shoes back and put the slippers again. Another important moment for your feet. After so many hours wearing closed shoes, your feet are usually, like the rest of the body, having low energy, they are tired, sometimes even painful, so they need to breathe, to rest and to recover, so the slippers are the step that helps to achieve that, before you go to bed to get your batteries back.

Main Features Slippers must have

They have to be comfortable, that’s for sure, but one has to take into consideration some things. Often, we can find wool or fur lined slippers, they can be very comfortable, but they also make the feet sweat and sometimes produce bad smell, so it should not be lined. Also they have to be resistant, one cannot be wearing a slipper that can break any minute, and also protective, if something breaks or falls to the ground, our feet should always be protected.

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