How to wear your Slippers in summer: For Men

How to wear your Slippers in summer: For Men

Summer is approaching. The weather is getting warmer, sunnier, the days are longer and we are already planning our holidays. When the summer approaches our wardrobe starts to change and we have a tendency to look for more comfortable looks to fight the hot summer days. Today we’ll give some tips to create summer looks with slippers for men.

A classic summer look for men is always a marine inspired one. A pair of black or navy blue bermudas with a striped polo shirt, either navy blue-white or red-white, and then add the slippers. This is a masculine summer look: Classic, elegant, relaxed and comfortable. Of course it’s not the only one.

Slippers can be worn with any kind of bermuda for men. From the classic ones in plain colors like navy blue, beige or black, to bright summery colours. The top can be different, some men prefer polo shirts, other ones classic shirts both plain colors or some print, and other men, usually younger men go for basic T-shirts. It depends on the look you want to achieve, but any of the looks would be great for the summer. Add a pair of sunglasses and a nice belt, and the look is complete.

Another classic look, maybe a bit more dressed up is wearing a pair of beige chinos with a shirt, usually white or light blue work best with this look. Add a tan belt, a watch some sunglasses and for some men even a fedora, and you have the best summer look for men. Classic, elegant yet casual and that works for men all age.

Slippers are a versatile shoe as you can already see. If you want to discover all the advantages of the highest quality slippers then go to our CP Slippers store and find your favourite color. Different colors for all kind of men. Give your feet the comfort they deserve with the best slippers.

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