How to clean your Slippers

How to clean your Slippers

Even if slippers are a shoe meant to be used inside, we still want them as good as possible and keep them in the best condition. That’s why it’s necessary to have certain care with them and once in a while we have to clean them and make sure they are in the best possible condition.

For that reason, today we will give you some tips to clean your CP slippers.

Tips to clean your slippers

Leather can be a tricky material to clean and keep in the best condition, so here we show you some tips that will help your slippers to look as if you just bought them:

For those who have purchased slippers in a light color like white or tan there’s an easy way to

Metod 1 to clean your Slippers

1. First apply a little amount of soap on the leather.

2. Then with a wet cloth make some foam and start washing the shoe, don’t push too hard, a soft movement is enough to remove the stains.

3. Then clean the remaining soap with another wet cloth. Now use a dry towel to absorb the excess of water and then let it dry.

4. If you need them urgently, then dry them with a hair dryer, but don’t get it too close to the shoe.

5. Once it’s dry apply some leather conditioner product.

Metod 2 to clean your Slippers

Another method, more universal is the next one.

First use a soft brush to remove the dirt or any stain from the shoes.After that use a clean and dry cloth to clean the shoe. Wet the cloth a little bit and apply to remove some of the remaining dirt. You can also apply some soap made for leather shoe wear, then you should wet the cloth and rub to make foam, then remove it. After that, let the shoes get dry in a closed but ventilated place, never close to a radiator because it could damage the leather. Then we have to apply some product for the leather, such as conditioner or some types of oil. It really depends on the color and the type of leather, so based on the type of leather; you can go for a conditioner or mink oil.Keep them out of their box so they can breathe.

This was all for today. Hopefully these tips can help to keep your slippers in the best possible condition.


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